Tires....that's right Ozzy's Auto now offers new tires and flat repair! We have added high-quality Cooper tires and Cooper made tires (Sigma). Bridgestone and Firestone tires will be available to order, but not in stock--next day order time. We will also be carrying Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal.

If you think it is time for new tires, ask yourself two questions:

1. How long do I plan to keep this car?
2. What type of driving is primarily done? (ie: Highway or city driving.)

Answering these questions will help us guide you in the right direction and get the best tire value for your money.

Lube, oil and filter changes- At Ozzy's we perform a thorough job. We don't rush through when we service your car. We change the engine oil and filter, lubricate the chassis and check all fluids, check the filters, and even check your tire pressure.

Safety inspections- This is a necessary preventive maintenance item. Your car should have annual safety inspections of the belts and hoses, fluid levels, brakes, tire wear and tire pressure, suspension, shocks and exhaust. At Ozzy's we check it all so you have worry-free driving.

Fluid checks

Preventive maintenance- Long lasting engines have nothing to do with luck, but everything to do with proper preventive maintenance. PM is recommended every 50,000 miles for highway drivers and annually for city drivers. Preventive maintenance includes the following checks:

  1. Regular safety inspections
  2. Tune-ups
  3. Check belts and hoses
  4. Tire inspections
  5. Brakes and suspension
  6. Transmission fluid and service, filter change.
  7. Fuel Injection cleaning using our MotorVac Carbon Cleaner.

Fuel injection services / Combustion chamber cleaning- From intake to exhaust, how your car performs and how much it pollutes depends upon how clean your car runs. Keep your car or truck running it's best by servicing your fuel injection system annually. At Ozzy's we have a MotorVac Carbon cleaner to keep your injection system running smoothly.

Wheel balancing- If you have vibrations at highway speeds, you may need your wheels balanced. Your tires should be balanced every other time you rotate your tires. At Ozzy's we have a newly added Coats 950 wheel balancer to keep your car traveling smoothly on the highways.

Computer diagnostics- When your check engine light come on, stop in at Ozzy's Auto Clinic where we have a Snap-On scan tool to make a proper diagnosis.

Exhaust repair and custom bending- At Ozzy's we have a ProBend 2000 pipe bender. We use aluminized high quality exhaust tubing and mufflers. We can also provide custom exhaust for show cars and hot rods.

Air conditioner service and repair- We service both R12 and R134A air conditioners. We can also perform conversion from R12 to R134A. We are IMACA certified.

Tune-ups- We perform a thorough tune-up that includes all of the following: renew and adjust the spark plugs, check the engine compression, inspect or replace the distributor cap, rotor and ignition cables, service or renew air, fuel filter and PCV valve. Adjust ignition timing and check advance, make necessary fuel adjustments, and service the battery.

Brakes- All types of brake services including anti-lock brake system diagnosis. We check the calipers, pads, and rotor positions.

Transmission Repair/Replacement- Ozzy's is an authorized Certified Transmission Incorporated, installer. See us for all your transmission needs.

Cylinder head service- Cylinder head seat grinding and valve refacing, bronze valve guide installation. We also offer clients access to our complete machine shop services-just call and ask for Ozzy.

Engine replacement- This one is self-explanatory and leaves you stranded on the road! Call us and we will come get you. Most engine replacements come with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty.

Parts cleaning service- We have an environmentally friendly Hotsy hot tank part cleaning machine. We use this for cleaning engine blocks and cylinder heads. It also works well for miscellaneous parts cleaning.

Call us for all your engine service needs!
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